The Spay Clinic Edmonton

Spay Clinic Updates

  • We are now a FULL SERVICE CLINIC!
  • We are currently installing a new computer system to our clinic, we appreciate your patience while we learn this new system.
  • Now offering Vaccinations and other services! Please contact our office for more information.





Learn more about the spay clinic services including surgical procedures and Edmonton pet dental care. Got a Question for The Spay Clinic? Contact us Now Check out our FAQ : find out the answers to our more commonly asked questions about surgeries or pet dental care.
The spay clinic's Mission: Affordable Edmonton Pet Dental Care and veterinary services

Pets bring us joy, pick us up when we are down, and many would say that they are our best friends. Pet ownership comes with the responsibility of preventing unwanted offspring; that being said, these procedures need to be accessible and affordable.

The Spay Clinic has been providing affordably priced spays and neuters for dogs and cats throughout the Edmonton and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our ongoing mission is, and always has been, to provide the community with professional and affordable spaying and neutering service, using the only the latest technology.


In keeping with this, the Spay Clinic has recently been renovated and we've expanded our services to better meet the growing needs of our community.


The Spay Clinic is NOW offering Affordable Edmonton Pet Dental Care

The Spay Clinic is now offering affordable pet dental procedures for your companion.

Click here to learn more about what you can do for your pets dental health!


The Spay Clinic, Spays, Neuters and Pet Dental Care: located in Downtown Edmonton!
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